Learning & Development - Middlesex Corporation

Middlesex University, the hub of our comprehensive Learning and Development program, has been designed to facilitate personal and professional growth for all Team Members, in all areas of our company. Our goal is for all Team Members to attain their career goals; our mission is to provide the means to make it happen.

As we continue to grow, it only makes sense to ensure that Team Members are provided with the learning opportunities to grow as well, pursue their career goals, and improve their skills. We created Middlesex University to provide this training and educational benefit for all Middlesex Team Members

Our managers regularly meet with Team Members to develop and track the progress of a career development plan for each Team Member – one that closely aligns with their short and long-term career goals. Our Learning and Development team then works closely with each manager and Team Member to develop training and experiences around that career development plan; one that draws upon our comprehensive library of tutorials, internal and external classroom, online learning, and the deep experience of our staff.