BP-467 Taxiway J Rehabilitation and Related Work - Middlesex Corporation

BP-467 Taxiway J Rehabilitation and Related Work

Orlando, FL
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

The Taxiway J Project is six phases with each phase containing aircraft MOT, erosion control measures, and survey to meet critical FAA tolerances. Each phase also includes electrical upgrades to signage and centerline/edge lights, taxiway asphalt milling, widening of mainline and shoulder areas, full depth mainline pavement reconstruction, and shoulder reconstruction.

Asphalt paving and pavement markings along with final grading and sodding will bring each phase to completion. The following items are required within several phases and are to be completed to maximize efficiency and insure quality: drainage improvements, bridge joint replacement, asphalt to concrete joint restoration, Uretek stabilizing foam injection for approach slabs, and methacrylate bridge deck coating.

Project Numbers


Project Value

217,000 SY

Asphalt Milling

58,000 Tons

Asphalt Paving

990 EA

Taxiway Centerline/Edge Lights