National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)

NHHS Double Track New Haven-Hartford-Springfield RR Line

Hamden and Windsor, CT

Installation of 26 miles of second track between Hamden and Windsor, CT

Middlesex provided civil, site, and structural improvements for the installation of 26 miles of second track between Hamden and Windsor, CT. Construction consisted of the rehabilitation or replacement of  20 bridges and culverts. The project also included improvements at seven grade crossings,  and the set-up, control, and maintenance of multiple Waste Stockpile Areas used for the handling of excavated materials generated during the course of construction. The project required maintenance and protection of previously installed Amtrak and Level 3 utilities as well as other utilities during construction. There was approximately 30 weekend outages over a 32-hour time frame while Amtrak removed the track, and Middlesex completed the drainage, pipes, and culvert work. Amtrak then reinstalled the track structure.

Project Numbers


Project Value

11,000 FT

Retaining and gabion walls

130,000 SY


26 Miles

New track

200,000 CY

Earth excavation

250,000 Tons

Contaminated soil disposal