Contract 4 – Albany-Schenectady Double Track & Rensselaer Station 4th Track

Albany/Schenectady, NY

Rehabilitation and expansion of two Amtrak stations, 16 bridges, and approximately 20 miles of second track rail between Rensselaer and Schenectady, New York.

A new one mile-long fourth track will be added to the Rensselaer Station, increasing its capacity by 33%. Along with the fourth track, approximately one mile of new storage tracks and approach track will be constructed. A 17 mile second track will be installed from the Hudson River through the Schenectady Station to the Mohawk River.

Sixteen bridges, as well as one tunnel and several large culverts, will be refurbished and retrofitted to accept both the fourth track and the second track additions to the Amtrak system.

Project Numbers


project value


CY of CIP concrete


LF of steel H-piles


miles of underground fiber optic, electric, and signal cable