Florida Dept. of Transportation, Turnpike Enterprise

SR 91 Resurfacing and Safety Upgrades for Turnpike Mainline

Osceola County, FL

This asphalt milling and resurfacing bid-build project is representative of Middlesex Paving’s commitment to safety, quality, timeliness, and cost effectiveness. The final surface evaluation of the ride quality indicates this section of the Turnpike is now one of the smoothest roadways in all of Florida.

The contract work on this section of the FDOT Turnpike involved milling and resurfacing over 9 miles of 4-lane limited-access highway, including access ramps. The work included areas of “deep” milling for extensive repair and cross-slope corrections for safety improvement. The Laser Smoothness Acceptance report of final surface evaluation for the ride quality (RN and IRI both) indicates this section of roadway is certainly one of the smoothest roadways in Florida. This project was completed on time, with minimal disruption to the travelling public, and completed under the original $11.9M unit price contract.

Project Numbers

60,000 tons


13,900 tons

FC-5 friction


Net Quality Composite Pay Factor (CPF)


Average RN


Average IRI


Project Value