STA 315 Transmission & Distribution - Middlesex Corporation

STA 315 Transmission & Distribution

Brighton/Watertown, MA

This project is part of Eversource’s upgrade of their electrical service in the communities of Brighton and Watertown, Massachusetts and involved accommodating traffic, businesses, and residents while performing all work safely in the busy streets just outside of Boston.

This project consists of the installation of 115 and 13.8-kV transmission and distribution ductbank and infrastructure from a new substation on Electric Ave. in Brighton, MA.

The 13.8-kV work begins at the substation and consists of electrical ductbank and manhole installation. The 115-kV work includes HPFF pipe and conductor installation, freeze pit, and tie-in to an existing system and to the gas-insulated switchgear at the substation.

Project Numbers


Installation of If of 115 Kv HPFF transmission ductbank


Installation of lf of 13.8 Kv distribution ductbank


Installation of underground electrical structures